About product rank (condition)

Please see below for the status display of the product listed on the product page.

Detailed condition explanations for each product are listed separately on the product page.

  • This product is in very good condition and comes with an N price tag and protective sticker, indicating that it is unused.
  • Product in very good condition with no signs of being worn or used
  • This product shows signs of being used several times, but is in good condition, comparable to new products .
  • AThis product shows some signs of use, but is in good condition.
  • ABProducts with inconspicuous dirt or small scratches
  • BProducts with scratches and dirt due to use
  • Products whose appearance is affected by BC scratches or dirt
  • CProducts that are at a level that poses a problem for normal use
  • JProducts that are difficult to use due to deterioration or damage. Please use it for purposes such as parts removal.

The product rank is a description of the condition of the product itself. Does not include the condition of accessories such as outer box, storage bag, warranty card, etc.

For products made of tanned leather, etc., there may be slight discoloration, scratches, or stains due to the characteristics of the material, even if the product is unused. Please note.

The above description may not apply to products whose value increases over time, such as vintage products.

There may be scratches, small scratches, stains, dirt, etc. in areas that are not shown in the photos. Please feel free to contact us.