HERMES Birkin Story

This bag was born from a famous episode between British actress and singer Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas Hermès, the fifth generation president of Hermès . That is the Birkin, a popular model of Hermes.

Jane Birkin wasn't very good at organizing things. My favorite bags are basket-like bags and totes made of rattan. The reason is that I can just throw things in without worrying about anything.

The story begins when Dumas Hermès happens to be sitting next to Jane Birkin on an airplane. Dumas was surprised when he saw Jane's bag. The bag was so bulging that it looked as though its contents were about to spill out, and I couldn't believe that it belonged to a very famous celebrity actress.
Dumas proposed to Jane.

"I want you to make me a bag that can fit all the things in that bag."

This is how the bag given to Jane Birkin by Hermès became the `` Birkin ''.
Jane loved this bag so much that she carried her Birkin with her everywhere she went. Her appearance captured the hearts of the media and fashion conscious women of the time. And it grew into a product that represents Hermes .